Thunder Alley at Sun 'n Fun 2017

Thunder Alley is SUN ‘n FUN’s showcase area dedicated to highlighting jet aircraft and educating people about their origins, use, and impact on aviation technology. Visitors can get an up close and personal view of these iconic war machines, plus a daily walk-around hosted by the pilots who fly them. 

Some of the jets scheduled for display include the Northrop F-5 Tiger II, British Aerospace Sea Harrier, Dassault/Dornier Alpha, Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros, and a very rare Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23!

The audience follows the speaker around the aircraft as he describes the systems and role it held in history, and questions and interaction are welcome and encouraged! Several aircraft will offer cockpit tours, and visitors will also get to see many of these aircraft in flight in a daily showcase. 


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Registration Open - Titusville Jet Blast

Registration is open for the Titusville / Sun 'n Fun Jet Blast on April 1 - 3. If you are planning to attend Sun 'n Fun, the Jet Blast in Titusville is an excellent opportunity to knock off the winter rust and have some fun!

There will be new procedures in effect for Jet Warbird displays at Sun 'n Fun 2017 and all large aviation events. Join us at Titusville for a briefing and an opportunity to update your FAST status, brief on the new procedures and have a great time flying with other Classic Jet owners. 

We will have an opportunity to fly formation with both an F-86 Sabre and TA-4J Skyhawk along with Air to Air photos. Don't miss out!

For more info on the Jet Blast Registration: Click Here

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Late Fee or Early Discount

We have been getting numerous questions about membership dues this year. For the past several years, we have offered a $20 discount for early renewals prior to December 31. If you are renewing your membership now, you will be paying the regular membership dues of $80. Unfortunately the new website lists this as a Late Fee rather than the loss of a discount. We will work on making the wording more clear for next year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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