NWOC 2018

Announcing our 2018 meeting! Join us in Houston this coming February 15-18 at the Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake for a weekend of insights, info and fun. Watch our page for regular updates.

Founded in 1993, the annual NWOC event brings together warbird owners, operators, and museum directors to address particular events facing warbird owners and to discuss common goals related to the ever-changing economics, operations and regulations pertaining to flying ex-military aircraft.

NWOC focuses on the exchange of ideas and information concerning the safe operation and restoration of warbird aircraft. This unique educational conference offers programs to enhance pilot skill and knowledge, expand aircraft maintenance technician and restorer knowledge, develop awareness of medical and insurance facts, and address aircraft-specific topics to ensure continued flight for these unique historic aircraft. As one participant remarked, ” … we are not owners of these treasures, but rather caretakers who ensure that future generations can better understand history.” That statement emphasizes the importance of the educational goals of NWOC.

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FAA Safety Alert - ADS-B

Purpose: This SAFO informs personnel involved with ground testing of aircraft Air Traffic Control (ATC) transponders and ADS-B OUT equipment of the importance of adhering to proper test procedures and the hazards associated with improper testing.

Background: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received reports of transponder and ADS- B OUT system ground test events in which information, including simulated altitude, was transmitted from the test aircraft and received by aircraft inflight. In at least one instance, an ADS-B OUT system ground test created a false airborne target that generated a Traffic Alert and Collison Avoidance System II (TCAS II) Resolution Advisory (RA) on a Boeing 737 aircraft on approach. Pilot reaction to this RA required unnecessary maneuvering in congested airspace and initiated ATC re-sequencing actions that affected multiple aircraft and negatively impacted operations in the area for about 30 minutes. 

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