Jet Warbird Safety

One of the valuable benefits of CJAA Membership is access to the Library, where you will find important resources like the CJAA Safety Briefs.

During the winter months, when the weather is not cooperating, it may be a good time to review the CJAA Safety Briefs along with the Emergency Procedures for your Jet and get ready for the flying Season.

CJAA Safety Briefs: Click Here

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Tips for Avoiding Pilot Deviations

Runway safety is a top priority for all pilots. Download our FlySafe fact sheet today at for important tips on how to avoid pilot deviations.

Check out the video, “Pilot Deviation Safety” on YouTube at Produced by the FAASTeam, this video discusses aerial and ground pilot deviations and how to prevent them. It’s part of the FAASTeam’s GA safety video series called "Let's Take a Minute for Safety." Take a minute to watch these short videos to learn more about loss of control safety.

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New FAST Airshow Operations

Formation operations in waivered airspace at airshows or other aviation events includes some new training and operational restrictions in 2017. Review the new FAST Airshow Operations guide in the FAST section of the CJAA website for all the details.

The Air Show Operations Appendix F was written to help provide FAST pilots with the knowledge and background information needed to operate safely within the air show environment where a Certificate of Waiver (CoW) is in effect. Although it is a comprehensive learning tool, it is not intended to be the only source of information. Much of the material in this document is taken from FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 6.

Each FAST pilot operating under a CoW must have been evaluated and have demonstrated both a knowledge of air show procedures, and in-flight formation competency to meet the standards. 


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