2018 Calendar - Preliminary

2018 events:

Feb / Mar  Mojo Jet Blast - Mojave, CA

Mar 2-4 Jet Blast - Invite only - Fairhope, AL

Apr 13-15 Titusville Jet Blast - Titusville, CA

Apr 10-15 Sun n Fun - Lakeland, FL

Apr 26-29 ARS / Red Jet Blast - Porterville, CA

May ?? Midwest Warbird Fly-In - Rockford, IL

June ?? Reno FAST / RJI Clinic - Reno, NV

July 19-21Sheboygan Jet BlastSheboygan, WI

July 22-29 EAA Air Venture - Oshkosh, WI

August ?? WHAM Jet Blast - Pontiac, MI

Oct ?? St George Jet Blast - St. George, UT

Events to be scheduled:

Wendover Jet Blast - Wendover, UT
Patriots Jet Blast - Byron, CA

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CJAA Annual Meeting


The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association will be held in Houston, Texas February 14th and 15th in conjunction with the National Warbird Operators Conference.

The event will begin with an evening reception on Wednesday, February 14thThursday morning will begin with a tour of a very special Houston location. Details to be announced soon. CJAA General Membership meeting and Board member election will take place in the afternoon. Thursday night is a joint reception with NWOC followed by the full NWOC schedule beginning on Friday. There will be some special Classic Jet specific meetings and sessions at NWOC to make the entire event very valuable to classic jet operators. For more details on NWOC, click here.


Stand by for more details. Registration will open soon.

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Orlando Festival of Speed

CAUTION: If you plan to attend the Festival of Speed in Orlando starting on December 3rd, you need to check your Operating Limitations! The Orlando Airport is in Class B airspace and some Classic Jets are prohibited from airports inside Class B airspace.

Operating Limitations for Experimental Exhibition Aircraft often contain language such as the following:

Operation is restricted to airports that are within airspace class C, D, E, or G, except in the case of a declared emergency or authorized operations under an airshow waiver. (32) 

The Festival of Speed at Orlando is NOT operating under an airshow waiver.

If the Operating Limitations for your Classic Jet contains this or similar language, you may be prohibited from flying into the Orlando Airport.

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Oshkosh 2017 Video

Stream or download the official EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 video featuring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, B-29s Doc and FIFI, Bomber Day, a salute to Apollo, many night activities including the new Twilight Flight Fest, the world's greatest air show, and much more. Available now at:

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Registration Open for St. George

Registration is open for the Southwest Regional Jet Blast in St. George, Utah. Sign up early! Click Here for more info and to Register.

Join us in sunny St. George, Utah for the CJAA Southwest Regional Jet Blast on October 19-22. This Jet Blast features some of the most wide open and beautiful airspace available in the USA. The St. George airport is quiet and features a long, easy to use runway and wonderful FBO. Host for the Jet Blast is Jack Hunter and the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum.

Dick Coe an F-15 pilot and a Mig killer will be our speaker on Saturday night.

Please call Jack Hunter at 435-669-0655 with your questions.

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TA-4J Skyhawk and MiG-17

Click here for the video and enjoy the video and photos!

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Tips for Avoiding Pilot Deviations

Runway safety is a top priority for all pilots. Download our FlySafe fact sheet today at for important tips on how to avoid pilot deviations.

Check out the video, “Pilot Deviation Safety” on YouTube at Produced by the FAASTeam, this video discusses aerial and ground pilot deviations and how to prevent them. It’s part of the FAASTeam’s GA safety video series called "Let's Take a Minute for Safety." Take a minute to watch these short videos to learn more about loss of control safety.

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New Leadership at CJAA

CJAA Members,

During the CJAA Board Meeting on August 8, 2017, the Board elected the following Directors to officer positions at CJAA to serve until the next Annual Meeting: 

  • President - Zach McNeill
  • Vice President - Tom Proctor
  • Secretary - Jon Huggins

We are very excited about this leadership team and their ability to continue the positive direction and growth of the Association as it continues its mission to protect our freedom to fly Classic Jets. 

The complete leadership team of the CJAA is:

  • President - Zach McNeill
  • Vice President - Tom Proctor
  • Secretary - Jon Huggins
  • Director - Phil Fogg
  •  Director - Randy Howell
  • Director - Nathan Jones
  • Director - Alby Redick
  • Alternate - Steve Kirik
  • Alternate - Marty Tibbitts
  • Treasurer - Bob Arnold
  • Office Manager - Karen Griggs

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Oshkosh Arrival Video

It is always important to keep your head up and eyes outside the cockpit when you are operating in and around busy airspace at major events like Oshkosh. This three ship of classic jets was arriving Oshkosh from the South for the Overhead Break to the right for landing 36L. 3 miles south of the airport at pattern altitude, lead noted traffic at 12 o'clock same altitude and called Oshkosh tower. There had been no traffic advisory from Tower. Tower said, "descend as necessary." Lead descended the flight 300' to 1200' agl. The B-17 bomber passed directly overhead. See the video at: B-17 Oshkosh.

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Oshkosh and Classic Jets

Another fantastic EAA Airventure at Oshkosh in 2017! We had 29 Classic Jets attend the event and many of them flew in the Warbird Displays during the week. Start making your plans for 2018 now! Seriously!

In case you missed the event, there is an excellent collection of photos available on Flickr at: Oshkosh 2017


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