Festival of Speed

If you like fast, exotic cars and own a Classic Jet you would like to show off, there is a wonderful opportunity for you on December 1, 2017 at the Orlando International Airport.

The Festival of Speed will be holding the Jet Port Reception on December 1st from 8:00pm to 11:00pm at Signature Flight Support at KMCO. This event is a luxury lifestyle cocktail reception and features a great clientele of car collectors, aviators etc.   For more info, see the video

If you are willing to fly your Classic Jet to Orlando on the morning of December 1st for this event, the Festival of Speed will provide the following in return:

  • Free room at the Ritz Carlton for the aircraft owners for that Friday night
  • Free access to the reception
  • 6 tickets to the Reception
  • 12 free tickets to the Sunday car show at the Ritz Carlton
  • No hangar fees at Signature if the aircraft departs on Saturday
  • $300 fuel budget for departure (first come)


Some jets will be displayed inside the hangar while others are positioned just outside the door. Ropes or ribbons are available if you would like to have your aircraft secured. If you would like to stand and answer questions about your Classic Jet, the Festival of Speed team would be most grateful.

For more information, please contact:
Joe Sabatini
352 406 9325

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CJAA Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting this year, members reviewed the business of the Association, discussed future initiatives and conducted the annual election for the Board of Directors.

  • Scott Glaser and Mark Peterson left the Board after serving their 3 year terms. Both were given plaques in recognition of their contributions to the Association.
  • Jon Huggins and Zach McNeill were elected to the CJAA Board after serving the past year as Alternates.
  • Steve Kirik and Marty Tibbitts were elected as Alternates.
  • The CJAA Board of Directors will be holding a meeting in the near future to elect the next President of the Association.

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FAA Safety Alert - ADS-B

Purpose: This SAFO informs personnel involved with ground testing of aircraft Air Traffic Control (ATC) transponders and ADS-B OUT equipment of the importance of adhering to proper test procedures and the hazards associated with improper testing.

Background: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received reports of transponder and ADS- B OUT system ground test events in which information, including simulated altitude, was transmitted from the test aircraft and received by aircraft inflight. In at least one instance, an ADS-B OUT system ground test created a false airborne target that generated a Traffic Alert and Collison Avoidance System II (TCAS II) Resolution Advisory (RA) on a Boeing 737 aircraft on approach. Pilot reaction to this RA required unnecessary maneuvering in congested airspace and initiated ATC re-sequencing actions that affected multiple aircraft and negatively impacted operations in the area for about 30 minutes. 

Click Here to see the SAFO

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New FAST Airshow Operations

Formation operations in waivered airspace at airshows or other aviation events includes some new training and operational restrictions in 2017. Review the new FAST Airshow Operations guide in the FAST section of the CJAA website for all the details.

The Air Show Operations Appendix F was written to help provide FAST pilots with the knowledge and background information needed to operate safely within the air show environment where a Certificate of Waiver (CoW) is in effect. Although it is a comprehensive learning tool, it is not intended to be the only source of information. Much of the material in this document is taken from FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 6.

Each FAST pilot operating under a CoW must have been evaluated and have demonstrated both a knowledge of air show procedures, and in-flight formation competency to meet the standards. 


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2017 Mojo Jet Blast

The Mojave Desert, also known as “Aerospace Valley,” is the home of many of America’s greatest aviation achievements including the flight of our first jet the P-59 Airacomet. It is time to bring classic aviator skills and jet aircraft back to MHV! In decades past, the CJAA had held Jet Blasts at KMHV. The Airmanship Foundation, aka Mojo Flight, has been conducting civilian formation operations from MHV for several years now. It is time to join together the efforts of both of the jet and piston groups!

Please join The Airmanship Foundation at Flight Research, Inc’s (FRI) state of the art flight test facility at Mojave Air & Spaceport on 23-26 February for the first MOJO JET BLAST! This is a combined event for both piston and jet formation flying activities. Come out, hone your skills and join in the camaraderie that only exists in the Aerospace Valley.

For more information: Event Page

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2016 St George Jet Blast - Registration Open

Online registration for the Oct 13-16 St George Jet Blast is now available. Planners have combined flying, instruction, proficiency rides, some challenge flights, air-to-air photography, and of course, fun, into this multi-day, flying event. Early registration is only $125 for participating pilots and $90 for non-flying guests. Those prices include most meals, snacks and drink throughout the event, as well as entertainment and presentations after the flying.

For more details and to sign up, follow these links:

A shuttle from Las Vegas is available. Call 435-628-8320 for details and reservations.

Larry Salganek will be at the event for instruction and 61.58 check rides. Please contact Larry in advance for planning: (505) 471-4151

Important: A number of events taking place the same weekend in St George is impacting room availability, and the hotel will not guarantee rates after September 30, 2016.

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Pre-Oshkosh Air Clinic Dance Party

Join CJAA, T-28 and other aviation enthusiasts at the 2016 Air Clinic Dance Party at the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin. Celebrate with the pilots of very rare U.S. and foreign military aircraft from the WWII, Korea and Vietnam eras.

WHEN: Sat., July 23, 2016
WHERE: The Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin
N6191 Resource Dr., Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
BAR/BAND: Bar opens at 5:00 PM, Band begins at 7:00 PM
DINNER: Available from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

PHOTO OPS! Have your photo taken next to a WWII B-25 bomber, or a Vietnam era T-28 or jet. Meet the “Ravens” – daring pilots of the U.S. Secret War in Laos during the Vietnam War.

Rare military piston and jet aircraft on the ramp include:
WWII B-25 “Mitchell” bomber *Korea & Vietnam A-1 “Skyraider” * WWII P-51 “Mustang” * T-28 “Trojans” * Korea F-86 “Sabre” * Soviet L-39 “Albatros” * Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet * Lockheed T-33 “Shooting Star” * Beechcraft T-34 “Mentors” * Ryan PT-22 * Vietnam/Laos Cessna 0-1 “Birddogs” * Cessna T-37 “Tweet” * Soviet Mig-17 *


Email Executive Director Jon Helminiak or Board President and T-28 pilot Paul Walter .

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2016 Sheboygan Jet Blast - Registration Open

Come join us for the next CJAA Regional Jet Blast in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This Jet Blast will be special due to the outstanding hospitality of the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin ( Each day will feature special events and meals to go along with a great venue for jet warbird flights and training.

If you plan to fly in the formations during the Warbird Display at Oshkosh, it is important that you attend the Sheboygan Jet Blast and tune up your skills. We will be conducting specific training and briefings for the Jet Warbird Display day on Thursday, July 28th.

Sheboygan will also remain operational as a remote training base for CJAA members during the week of Oshkosh 2016. Fly out of Oshkosh in the morning and land at Sheboygan for fuel, rest and a new brief before starting your second training sortie of the day. Using Sheboygan as a training base will keep you out of the busy traffic pattern and delays in ground servicing that is common at Oshkosh.

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Reno Clinic Recap

Once again, the joint effort of CJAA and RJI put together a very successful clinic at Reno Stead airport on June 11 - 14. Seven pilots plus six instructors combined for 28 total sorties. Saturday through Monday’s 18 sorties were focused on FAST training and procedures while Tuesday’s 10 sorties were based entirely on RJI racing procedures and maneuvers.

Throughout the event, we focused on detailed briefs, disciplined procedures and some hard flying to put together the best training environment possible for everyone, regardless of skill level or proficiency. While training and safety were the primary focus, we managed to have a lot of fun, especially in the extended trail exercises where the Alpha Jet was used to challenge the students.

This year’s clinic featured some very nice weather with moderate temperatures and limited cloud cover. The normal winds at Stead were missing on Saturday and Sunday, but returned to normal on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to some excellent pre event planning by Jeff Turney and Rick Vandam, the Jet training and very busy Sport Class training meshed together well in the pattern and 5 different training areas around Stead Airport.

Alby Redick and the team at Aviation Classics provided world class support of fueling and ground support. Hometown Cafe hosted lunches and the Grand Sierra Hotel restaurants saw some excellent after hours pilot debriefs over steaks, seafood and wine.

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2016 Oshkosh NOTAM

The free 32-page booklet is an absolute must if you're flying an aircraft to Oshkosh. It outlines all arrival/departure procedures, radio frequencies, Wittman Regional Airport details, and much more.

Click here to view the NOTAM.

Although many of the procedures are similar to previous years, there are updates in nearly every area to enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience for the thousands of airplanes expected at The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. The EAA AirVenture NOTAM is required reading and should be part of a pilot's pre-flight preparation.

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