Board of Directors

Mark Peterson

CJAA President - Term expires Spring 2017

Boise, ID 83705

The aviation bug bit early when Mark started flying at the age of six in a Piper Cherokee Arrow. Mark’s father Ed was a B-24 Liberator pilot during World War II and after returning to civilian life, found ways to keep aviation in his business and personal life. As a result, Mark grew up immersed in aviation.

Mark soloed at age 16 and received his private pilot’s license at 17. Since then, Mark has flown over 30 different types of aircraft and accumulated over 4000 hours of flight time. Mark is an ATP and type rated in the Cessna Citation series.

Owning and flying warbirds has been a dream of Mark’s since he was a child. Like many children with the aviation bug, Mark built models and dreamed of flying the P-51 Mustang, Lockheed F-104 and other warbirds. In July of 2007, Mark was fortunate to acquire a Dornier Alpha Jet. Since then, Mark has accumulated over 500 hours in the Alpha Jet and strengthened his love and admiration for the aircraft.

Mark has served on the Board of Directors from 2009-2012 and served on the Safety Committee with Jack Hunter and on the 8130.2G Project with Dick Bacon and Charley Largay. Mark was reelected for a second term on the Board in 2014 and also elected as President.

Scott Glaser

CJAA Director - Term expires Spring 2017

Rosamond, CA 93560

Scott grew up in Western PA flying his Dad’s Navion and Beech Debonair. He learned turns about a point over Three Rivers Stadium while his Dad watched Steelers games. Scott worked his way through the FAA rating system looking to fly higher performance aircraft in more dynamic environments.

This lead to a professional career in flight test engineering (FTE) in both the airborne and commercial space industries where he conducts performance, handling qualities, loads, avionics, flutter, systems and operational flight testing. He has worked with several interesting programs and facilities including Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo, the F-22 Raptor, Lockheed Skunk Works and the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) to name a few. Scott also has extensive experience in aerospace physiology working with high performance centrifuge based flight simulators. He is on the National Board of Directors for the Red Star Pilots Association as well as the CJAA.

Scott’s pursuits also lead him to the purchase a strange Russian aircraft, the Yak-52. Through the community centered on the Yak type aircraft, Scott received an instruction in basic military flying skills such as aerobatics, formation, tactical formation and basic fighter maneuvering. This also led him to move into the jet warbird community where he received several ratings and is now a professional instructor pilot in a multitude of aircraft.

Scott is now the Operations Manager for Flight Research, Inc and the International Flight Test Institute overseeing the operations of a fleet of 38 aircraft of 22 types from Cessna’s to rotorcraft to jets like the MB-326 Impala. The companies provide test pilot training, flight test services professional jet upset recognition and recovery training to name a few of their many faceted capabilities.

Nathan Jones

CJAA Director - Term expires Spring 2017

Monroe Center, IL 61052

Nathan Jones is President of Code 1 Aviation in Rockford, Illinois, a leading jet warbird restoration/maintenance shop. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field as a general manager, mechanic, lead avionics technician, pilot, and special-programs manager. He has served as Director of Maintenance for Draken International, responsible for the technical aspects of asset acquisition, importation, assembly, inspection and implementing comprehensive maintenance programs. Prior to this, he managed a Fixed Base Operation and served as General Manager and Vice-President for a noted Midwest warbird restoration facility.

One of Nathan's career highlights was being a program manager for the overhaul, upgrade, importation, inspection, licensing and Phase One flight testing of the world's only two privately-owned Su-27 Flanker fighters. Another highlight was the assembly, inspection, licensing and program management of a rare Canadair CF-5D. Nathan's experience covers a wide range of airframes including the L-39, L-29, Su-27, F-5, A-4, MiG-17, F-86, T-33, Iskra, P-51, T-28, T-6, T-34, and many general aviation models.

Nathan has degrees in Aviation Business Administration and Avionics Systems Design and Aircraft Electronics. He is married, and has two children.

Phil Fogg

CJAA Director - Term expires Spring 2018

Wilsonville, OR 97070

Phil's aviation background is rich and diverse:

  • Army Helicopter Pilot, Flew AH1G Cobras in Vietnam

  • Flew OV1 Mohawks for Oregon National Guard

  • Corporate Pilot Raced Formulas 1979 to 1991

  • Held World speed record class C,1,a for 13 years

Most recently, Phil Fogg placed first at the 2015 Reno Air Races.

Alby Redick

CJAA Director - Term expires Spring 2018

Reno, NV 89506

Alby Redick is the owner of Aviation Classics. Alby was the first to import Soviet MiGs into the US and now works extensively with the DoD supplying maintenance, parts and pilot flight instruction for Soviet and Warsaw Pact aircraft.

Because of his warbird knowledge, Alby has worked very closely with the major motion picture studios in Hollywood providing aircraft and technical support for some of the biggest blockbuster films including "Con Air", "Die Hard 2", "GI Jane" and "A Man Apart". Along with films, Alby and Aviation Classics have worked on TV commercials for Nissan, Subaru, Rold Gold Pretzels, and Mercedes Benz to name a few.

Randy Howell

CJAA Director - Term expires Spring 2019

Discovery Bay, CA 94505

1968, on an unusually warm fall day in Florida, up taxis a virtually brand new Cessna 150. That day was the first day 13 year old Randy was given the opportunity to taste flight, little did he know it would develop into the subject of his focus for the rest of his fore coming life. Four years after that discovery flight, Randy achieved his private pilots license, by this time Randy knew that he wanted aviation to be his life’s career. On his 18th birthday, he earned his commercial pilots license and got his first job flying a Cessna 150 and an Aeronca champ chasing birds out of corn fields to make money while building hours. Over the next 9 months Randy built almost 3000 hours chasing the birds.

Fast forward to 2015, Randy has accumulated 23,000 hours of flight time. In those hours, he has over 30 years of airline flying, flown air shows for 22 years and raced in three different classes at the Reno Air Races. He holds an ATP with 24 different type ratings from MiG’s to the Boeing 747. In 1996 Randy started flying the Stoli MiG’s with two MiG 17’s at airshows which continued for a 7 year span. He then started the Patriots Jet Team, which has grown to a 6-ship L-39 precision aerobatic demonstration team now in its 13th air show season.

The accomplishment that Randy is most proud of is the Patriots Jet Team Foundation, which he founded in 2012. The Foundation educates and mentors youth in America in aviation career paths.

Thomas Proctor

CJAA Director - Term expires Spring 2019

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Tom got hooked on flying at a very early age when he got a ride in a Piper Comanche. Despite a busy career as the owner of and insurance and escrow outsourcing company he earned his private pilot certificate and instrument rating and flew a variety of aircraft for business and pleasure. He currently flies a Beechcraft King Air E-90. He has always been a warbird enthusiast and a few years ago flew an L-39. Six months later he was the proud owner of an N139PM an L-39C.

Today Tom has been flying for over 25 years and is on the Executive Board of the World Heritage Air Museum whose mission is to rescue, restore and fly cold war era jets. He Holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate and is a CFII-MEI. He is rated in the AV L29, AV L39, DH112, DH115 and TT-1 Super Pinto.

Jon Huggins

CJAA Alternate Director - Spring 2017

Rocklin, CA 95765

Growing up as the son of an Apollo-program and Space Shuttle contractor in Houston, Huggy was surrounded by astronauts and military pilots. Despite being a decent computer programmer as an IBM Co-op, he turned down a lucrative job offer out of college to pursue military aviation. Finally, in 2014 … and after almost 29 years in single-seat aircraft, he retired from the USAF, with 7200 military flight hours, and 4100 military sorties. As the Chief of U-2 Recruiting for a number of years, he ran the U-2 interview program, and got to experience the thrill of flying with new pilots in jet-powered taildraggers. He also assisted the Navy and Air Force Test Pilot Schools with their Qual/Eval Program, and this resulted in the opportunity to fly a plethora of other military aircraft.

An avid G.A. pilot, he has flown over 100 types of aircraft, and is FAA-rated in the T-33, L-29, F-5, and T-38. He loves instructing in high-performance jets, and maintains his CFI/MEI/CFII certificates.

He learned about CJAA in the mid-90’s, attended his first CJAA Convention in 1997, and has thoroughly enjoyed the friendships and relationships he has made as a result of his involvement with CJAA.

Until recently, Huggy was the Executive Director of the Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot Association. His transition back to professional aviation will allow him to devote time to jet warbirds in general, and CJAA in particular.

Zach McNeill

CJAA Alternate Director - Spring 2017

Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Zach has been an active member in the CJAA. Besides running the 2005 convention, he has served on the board, as alternate, member and VP, attended several conventions, and actively participated in or planned the jet blast fly-ins all over the US.

Zach served as the safety officer for CJAA and he designed the Safety Triangle model, authored articles for the CJAA Jet Journal and is a volunteer Safety Counselor for the local FSDO, where he gives Warbird safety programs. On many occasions he has presented safety programs at the CJAA jet blasts and conventions.

Currently donates his time to CJAA members as a formation instructor and, as a formation Check Pilot he has given flight exams to many CJAA members. He has taught several ground schools at Mojave, Houma and Amarillo jet blasts. Zach co-authored the Standard Operating Procedures for the CJAA jet formation check outs, coordinating standards with other FAST signatories. He also works with the Red Star Pilots association and is retained as a jet formation check pilot for that organization as well.

Instructor – Under the old licensing program Zach held an LOOA presently he holds EAR’s in multiple surplus military Jet trainers. This combined with his National Association of Flight Instructors Master Flight Instructor designation he has trained 18 CJAA members in the proper use and procedures of the L-29, L-39, and T-28. Every student passed their flight and oral check rides with flying colors.
Key member in the development and acceptance of flight training curriculum for the L-29, L-39, A-37 jets and for both US (SK-70) and Russian military (MI-24 and MI-2) jet helicopters and the North American T-28. 

As a Naval Instructor pilot in the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter Zach fills a void in the Warbird community by having the ability to fly and instruct in all types of surplus military aircraft. Zach is the only qualified and current Group X multi-engine turbine helicopter instructor in the U.S.
Awards Received: Master Instructor designation from NAFI and Squadron Pilot of the Year from US Navy (HSL-47)

Instruction/Examination Experience: Zach has completed several hundred flight exams as an active duty Navy standardization officer and flight examiner. Qualified as an instrument, NATOPS, FCF and Night Vision Goggle flight examiner. Active formation check pilot for CJAA.

Zach participates in aviation events, air shows and instructs in the civilian aviation community, including glider instruction (more than 100 glider flights). Zach is rated by the FAA through the ICAS organization with a low-level aerobatic waiver and has flown in single ship and formation demonstrations in jets in many air shows.