CJAA Event Release Waiver Form

The CJAA leadership team is pleased to announce that the Jet Blast and formation Clinic waivers are now on line and fillable.  They are found by clicking the FAST icon on the home screen and then selecting the FAST forms icon from the drop down menue.  They can be filled out and emailed to [email protected] or printed and handed in directly at the event.  We will also provide a link when you sign up for an even.  We hope you will find this new feature helpful.

Alex Brancaccio 
CJAA President 

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2021 CJAA Events

Wow have to say 2021 is off to great start already with plenty of events already scheduled, please see our events sections.

If your in need of a proficency check wing/lead or 61.58 please let us know at [email protected] ,we have scheduled the OKC event centrally located in the US for all our members to attend.



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2021 Membership Renewal Notice

2021 Membership Renewal Notice

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New Board Members Elected

I would like to thank all the members who voted and particularly the members who volunteered to serve on the board.

We had an outstanding slate of candidates.

After the final vote tally, I am pleased to announce that;


Scott Gusakov

Mike Terfehr

Sonny Schilleci


Have been elected to three year terms to serve on the CJAA board of directors.

Please join me and the current board members in welcoming them aboard.  We are confident they will serve our organization well.


Alex Brancacio - President

Classic Jet Aircraft Association 


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Sonny Schilleci was named to Assistant Fast Director


Effective immediatley, Sonny Schilleci has been named as Fast Assistant Director under the President, Alex Brancaccio.

His direction will be to organize and remodel the CJAA Fast program to ensure that we are upholding the high standards we are held to as Formation Pilots. 

Starting in 2021, CJAA will be posting a standard briefing PowerPoint for each event host to follow. Sonny has played a big part in asssembling this along with Scott "Gomez" Glaser.

Sonny will also now be the lead in airpsace approval for formation flights at each event nationwide.

Sonny's emial will be [email protected]


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Flight Manuals

President Alex Brancaccio would like to announce under the Library section of our website, please use the slide down menu to Flight Manuals as we have added many manuals and valuable infiormation for our jet pilots and there aircraft.

If you have some any manuals you would like added please email [email protected] so i can added them to our section.


Fly Safe !!!!

Alex Brancaccio - President


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Veterans Memorial Flight

Veterans Memorial 

The Classic Jet Aircraft  Association has several airshow teams based throughout the country that are proud to perform flyovers for appropriate US veteran memorials as part of the CJAA charitable mission. 
These flyovers, the venerable Missing Man formations, have become a historic tradition in the military and, specifically, for veterans from the
various aviation corps. 
As US budget constraints have affected the military and led to sequestration, the military has reduced or eliminated its budget for these important flyovers.
The CJAA, whose membership includes many former military aviators in its ranks, has taken on this vital role and has proudly stepped in numerous times to provide aircraft for memorials as well as special events.

The Missing Man Formation was originally a military aerial salute honoring a Veteran who has died, performed as an aircraft flyover at a memorial. There are variations but the most common is a 4-ship of aircraft with the Missing Man inside the flight, trailing smoke.

To learn more about the CJAA charitable Missing Man Flight Program, please email [email protected]
The CJAA raises funds to help support this important and honorable mission. 
If you or your business would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to help sponsor the CJAA Missing Man Flight Program, please email [email protected] or i[email protected]
Alex Brancaccio

CJAA President

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2020 CJAA National Convention Canceled

CJAA Members:

We regret to inform you that the 2020 CJAA National Convention has been canceled.

COVID-19 has become a challenging situation that is out of our control. The Kennedy Space Center was concerned about our convention, so we put out a member attendee survey to ask if we should hold the convention or cancel. The majority responded with a cancel response.

The 2021 convention will be bigger and better than ever. To all those that registered, your payment will be credited to the 2021 convention and you will not be subject to any price increases for 2021 convention.

If you prefer a refund please respond to this email with your request.

This decision was made for your safety and by the majority vote of attending members.


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CJAA Cajun Jet Blast Canceled


It is with great regret that we will have to cancel the Cajun Jet Blast due to a forecasted hurricane to be affecting the area Thursday thru Saturday.

Refunds will be going back the credit card that the ticket was purchased with. 

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Statue of Liberty Flight 2020 Book

Please see link below for the Statue of Liberty Flight Book.

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