Pensacola Naval Base - UPDATE

Members Pensacola- UPDATE


All members you must enter the Naval Air Station via the west gate at 1878 S. Blue Angel Pkwy, Pensacola, 32508.

This adds 25 minutes minimum to your commute from the Pensacola side of the base.

All 18 years of age and over must present a REAL ID compliant form of identification--NO exceptions.

Visitors to NAS Pensacola who are not in possession of an approved government issued credential or state driver’s license compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005 must present an additional form of ID. State driver’s licenses from Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and identification cards from American Samoa are non-compliant with the Real ID Act. Additional information and guidance regarding NAS Pensacola access can be found at the NAS Pensacola website or by contacting the Visitor’s Control Center at (850) 452-4153.


Ride share services such as Lyft and Uber are not allowed on NAS Pensacola. Standard taxi services are allowed to enter the base via the West Gate provided the taxi driver has a valid base pass.

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Presidential Fly in and Convention ( Update):

Presidential Fly in and Convention (UPDATE):


On the evening of Feb 27th 1730 upstairs in the FBO at KCQF Scott "Gomez" Glaser will be teaching the formation Wing (Lead if needed) ground school to whomever has not received the school and would like to be eligible for a wing card.

The Continental FBO will provide a second JET A truck for the event so we do not have the delays we experienced last year.

If you want to be considered for a CJAA Wing or Lead card you are required to complete a ground school. CJAA standardization (Check) pilots may consider other organizations wing or lead cards as having completed a ground school.

Charlie "V-12" Vandenbossche has been diligently collecting all annual FPR's and will receive any course completion e-mails from Gomez. If you cannot remember if you have the class or sent your FPR feel free to call "V-12". Need his number give me a call 619-227-3327.

As a reminder for an applicant to be eligible for a CJAA wing card they must have done the following:

  1. Attend ground school
  2. Received a recommendation for check ride from CJAA FAST Lead or Check airman.
  3. Every rec and check ride has to have a FAST carded individual in each airplane.


Just so we are clear if you do not have a record of completing an event ......... It did not happen. Better to get a nice review then miss an opportunity.

So far we have 26 warbird jets and several surprise opportunities scheduled.  I recently learned from my local FAA contacts that the Temporary low level aerobatic box is still on track. Expect and update late next week on its approval.

Final Plan of events for Saturday will be promulgated in about 10 days. We are working with the Air Wing to pack as much military exposure that time will allow.



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