Registration Open for Reno

Once again, CJAA and RJI are planning a unique clinic at Reno Stead airport on June 2-7. Friday through Sunday will be primarily focused on standard FAST procedures and training. Monday and Tuesday will shift to RJI race prep for the upcoming Pylon Racing School (PRS) and National Championship Air Races. By combining resources and sharing the venue, this clinic will provide you two types of training in one event, saving you time and money.

This year, all meals will be no-host and we will collect donations for cost sharing at the event.

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Fairness for Pilots Act

Another reason to support AOPA. If you are not a member, please join now!

Sam Graves, who co-chairs the House General Aviation Caucus, was joined by original co-sponsors Reps. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), Colin Peterson (D-Minn.)—both AOPA members—and Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.), also a strong GA supporter. Graves, Rokita, and Lipinski are members of the House Aviation Subcommittee.

“As a pilot and Co-Chairman of the General Aviation Caucus, I have always felt the responsibility to be a voice for GA in the Capitol,” Graves said. “Unnecessary regulations and bureaucratic barriers cost the industry jobs and prevent pilots from flying. I’m proud today to introduce a bill that improves upon the protections established under the original Pilots Bill of Rights, ensuring we can continue safely taking to the skies and operating as a valuable and vibrant component of the U.S. economy.”

Click here to read the article at AOPA.

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ACM Warbirds of Canada Grand Opening

ACM Warbirds of Canada, Not for Profit Living Museum, Announces April 15th Grand Opening

ACM Warbirds of Canada(ACM) is an exciting new, not for profit living museum.  ACM is showcasing vehicles and aircraft from the cold war era, as well as the heroes who flew them.  Ready to celebrate an April 15th launch, the museum will be the only place in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec where a person can fly in a cold war era fighter jet. We will also be flying in the Toronto and Barrie ON regions.

From flying a cold war plane to aerobatics to formation flying, it is no surprise these are items on many bucket lists begging to get checked off.  The good news is our not-for-profit, living museum, ACM Warbirds, based in Ottawa and in the Barrie area is answering the call in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and in the Toronto and Barrie regions.  It provides interested people a handful of different membership opportunities that can get them on board from ground schools being trained as part of the ground and maintenance team, all the way to being on board for a wide range of different flight possibilities depending on their level of membership.  Excitement surrounding the project from flight enthusiasts is incredibly high.


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Registration Open for Sheboygan

The CJAA Regional Jet Blast and Annual Meeting of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association is in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for 2017.



This Jet Blast will be special due to the outstanding hospitality of the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin. Each day will feature special events and meals to go along with a great venue for Classic Jet flights and training.

Sunday will feature the Thunder in the Sky Airshow featuring several outstanding performers.

If you plan to fly in the formations during the Warbird Display at Oshkosh, it is important that you attend the Sheboygan Jet Blast to tune up your skills and get the latest briefings. We will be conducting specific training and briefings for the Jet Warbird Display day on Sunday, July 23rd.

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association will be held during the event on Saturday, July 22nd at 5:00pm.

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