Formation Clinics and Jet Blast

If your interested in hosting a Formation clinic or Jet Blast at your airport, please reach to Alex Brancaccio at [email protected]

We are looking to hopefully finish out the year Starting July 2020 with as many events we can have.

We all been sitting to long and all want to get back  up there flying these amazing Jets we own.



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Ejection Seats Article

Hello fellow CJAA’ers;


I came upon an article this morning and it gave me a good chuckle. Aside from all the French military jokes that come to mind the truth is that there are lessons here for us as well. We love to give others the flying  opportunities that we hold dear. It’s easy to get in a hurry and not brief the passenger on the little things that can make the difference in a great flight or a real mess.  As you will read here even professional fighter pilots can make mistakes.





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Bill “Popeye” Culberson

Board of Directors; CJAA

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Fairhope 2020 Video Links

Here are some links from Greg " Sticks" Banner from Fairhope 2020       JetLine        Jetline#2         P-51        Mig17 Drone - Russell Armstrong

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