Red Star Formation - Open House

The 18th annual All Red Star event will be held at Porterville (KPTV) Airport.

This year's event should be as exciting as ever as we hold our 18th formation clinic. FAST Check Pilots, designated IPs and experienced Lead Pilots will be available to ensure that your training goals are met. Be prepared for “SERIOUS FLYING AND SERIOUS FUN” at ARS XVIII!

Formation Training Requirements!

For non-FAST patched pilots:  It is a requirement for participation as a pilot at ARS that you possess a copy of and have studied the RPA Formation Manual and are thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Manual.  You are also required to view the 55 minute RPA Wing Groundschool Video online, prior to attending the clinic, by clicking Click here



$175.00 Registration

$175.00 Other FAST Signatory or Formation Group

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