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Classic Jet Aircraft Association (CJAA)

August 12, 2019, 09:00 EST

Ocean County, NJ– On September 1st and 2nd, the Classic Jet Aircraft Association will be hosting their inaugural statue of liberty formation fly by photo shoot.  This historic event will consist of Eight privately owned classic fighter jets doing a formation flight through the Hudson Corridor and a very special pass by the statue of liberty.  This is the first time the FAA has ever approved a civilian formation flight of this nature.

Several of the jets are Russian / Czechoslovakian so the FAA would like to be sure the media lets the public know that this a planned event and not to have any concerns.  Practice flights will begin Friday August 30 and Saturday the 31st.  Flight Path locations include New York City, Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore to Cape May.  

As the CJAA makes history with their formation flight, all local and national media is invited to be a part of this special weekend. There is already a commitment from a major network and several other news media outlets.  Contact us to arrange pilot interviews on our media days, Aug 30  and Aug 31st.  There is also a possibility of media ride alongs during the practice flights.

“A flight like this takes a tremendous amount of training and coordination with the jets and pilots involved”, says, Zach McNeill, President of the CJAA. 

“We appreciate the cooperation from the FAA and local authorities to allow us make history with this flight”, says Alex Brancaccio, Vice President of the CJAA”.

All the jets and pilots will arrive in the New York City by August 30.  The pilots have briefings and practice flights on the 30th and 31st.  Photo flights will occur on September 1st and 2nd all conditional upon weather. 

About the CJAA:  The CJAA is a group of avid aviators that have a passion for classic jet aircraft and keeping their heritage alive and flying in the air.  The associations insures that these aircraft stay in the air by having standards for the aircraft, their pilots, and safety. Member pilots range from professional airline pilots to successful entrepreneurs and business executives. 


Press release by, Alex Brancaccio, Vice President, [email protected]




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