Remembrance and Passing "Fowler Cary"

Fowler Cary died of a heart attack last February. 

For all the newer members who, most probably, cannot even relate to Fowler Cary, here are some highlights in aviation for him.

He wanted to be an Air Force fighter pilot, but could not get in because of an eye problem. So he became a banker (a nice desk, a title, but no real money).

After a while he figured out the system and thought that what the bank does, he can also do.  He ended up with billions under his management - a natural result of hard work and being good at it.

Then he met Randall Hames, who, among other airplanes,in his possession, owned a T-33. Fowler bought a one half interest in the plane.

On Randall's untimely death, he way overpaid for the other half of the plane - to make sure the widow would have some money. Then he finished the airshows previously scheduled by Randall.

He became known as Big Dog, became an airshow performer and airshow fixture, became honorary Squadron Commander first of the Mighty Bushmasters,  at Shaw AFB and later of the Swamp Foxes at McEntire..

He became a CJAA director, and put on two memorable conventions for us at Tyndall and at Eglin AFB.  Not only did they make money for us, but are unforgetable to those of us who attended.

He was large and lived large. He had a habit of marking the territory of his vacation spread in Montana as a professional courtesy. He helped others including at least two of our members which, of course, was never mentioned by him.  Most of all, he knew the difference between right and wrong and did right.  Those of us who knew him will never forget him.

To Sandy and the girls, may you experience that peace that passeth all understanding as you hold his name in reverent remembrance.


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