PRS Reno is Re-Scheduled date TBD



PRS is officially postponed until September. By request by CEO Fred Telling, RARA wants control of the release of this information. RARA does not want this information posted on any social media or people outside of the classes until they make the official announcement . Please respect their request so as not to jeopardize your racing at Reno. RARAs reasons are mainly due to sponsorship agreements and they need to be in control of the information.

I appreciate your cooperation and know you will keep quiet for now. Thanks!


I’ll keep this short and short jokes....


PRS will be in September .. dates will be announced soon.

PRS application deadline will be changed. No official word but looks to be at the end of June. I will confirm it when the date becomes official.


There are issues to having PRS so close to NCAR. In the past, PRS was just prior to NCAR and it worked well. With the addition of a formation clinic for those who desire to participate and rookies, it is a long event. That is the discussion we are currently having with RARA and in the Jet Class. We can go thru the pros and cons but they are individual as we all can see good and bad with the change.


Please let the class officials deal with the details but do not hesitate to contact Rick or myself with concerns and issues you might have as we might be able to help you sort out.


RARA has a preliminary plan to have PRS 9-12 Sept with 13-20 for a standard NCAR week. We are pushing for a day shorter NCAR week and are working with RARA. The issue at hand is coordinating formation clinics prior to PRS which is were the long event gets longer. The issue is being discussed and we will have an answer in a few days.


More information will be relayed as soon as we get it.


Stay healthy my friends...

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