President Zach McNeill - Term End

Members of the CJAA,

Over the last 3 years it has been my honor and privilege to serve as your president.  At this time my term on the Board and as President has come to an end.

As I look back I am confident we have built a leadership team that will continue to not only advocate for our interests but also continue to develop the rich experiences that make this group so special.  Toward that end I am recommending Alex Brancaccio be selected as the next president of the CJAA.  Alex has brought incredible energy into the organization and has been instrumental in the facilitation of events that were never dreamed of only a couple years ago.  With the support of an outstanding and engaged Board Of Directors, I am confident the CJAA will continue accomplish great things in the future. 

I thank all of you for the support and friendship afforded me during my tenure.  I look forward to flying and visiting with as many of you as possible in the years ahead.

Fly safe and check six.

Zach McNeill

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