PRS Reno is Re-Scheduled date TBD



PRS is officially postponed until September. By request by CEO Fred Telling, RARA wants control of the release of this information. RARA does not want this information posted on any social media or people outside of the classes until they make the official announcement . Please respect their request so as not to jeopardize your racing at Reno. RARAs reasons are mainly due to sponsorship agreements and they need to be in control of the information.

I appreciate your cooperation and know you will keep quiet for now. Thanks!


I’ll keep this short and short jokes....


PRS will be in September .. dates will be announced soon.

PRS application deadline will be changed. No official word but looks to be at the end of June. I will confirm it when the date becomes official.


There are issues to having PRS so close to NCAR. In the past, PRS was just prior to NCAR and it worked well. With the addition of a formation clinic for those who desire to participate and rookies, it is a long event. That is the discussion we are currently having with RARA and in the Jet Class. We can go thru the pros and cons but they are individual as we all can see good and bad with the change.


Please let the class officials deal with the details but do not hesitate to contact Rick or myself with concerns and issues you might have as we might be able to help you sort out.


RARA has a preliminary plan to have PRS 9-12 Sept with 13-20 for a standard NCAR week. We are pushing for a day shorter NCAR week and are working with RARA. The issue at hand is coordinating formation clinics prior to PRS which is were the long event gets longer. The issue is being discussed and we will have an answer in a few days.


More information will be relayed as soon as we get it.


Stay healthy my friends...

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Ejection Seats Article

Hello fellow CJAA’ers;


I came upon an article this morning and it gave me a good chuckle. Aside from all the French military jokes that come to mind the truth is that there are lessons here for us as well. We love to give others the flying  opportunities that we hold dear. It’s easy to get in a hurry and not brief the passenger on the little things that can make the difference in a great flight or a real mess.  As you will read here even professional fighter pilots can make mistakes.





Check out this site



Bill “Popeye” Culberson

Board of Directors; CJAA

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Fairhope 2020 Video Links

Here are some links from Greg " Sticks" Banner from Fairhope 2020       JetLine        Jetline#2         P-51        Mig17 Drone - Russell Armstrong

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Hotel Cancellation Convention

Please don't forget to cancel your hotel reservations since the convention has been postponed. 

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Fairhope 2020 Jet Blast Book

Below is a link you can use to order an 11x14 photobook directly from Shutterfly. I have attached a photo of what the checkout should look like. I have upgraded the book pages to layflat pages which eliminates the crease in the middle if the book. Currently based on their 50% off offer and using the PROMO code "SHIP30" for free shipping they come out to $86.08 per book. Make sure to enter the promo code when checking out

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Convention Update

All Member,

We understand your concern and uncertainly you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to being responsive to the Federal Government’s health and safety guideline.

In response to the declaration of the national emergency status, both CJAA Annual Convention and Sun and Fun will both be postponed.

We are working on new schedules on the new date for our Annual Convention and all upcoming events in response to the latest COVID-19 circumstance.

Please stay tuned for the latest schedule and itineraries.

Thank you for your support and patience as always. Stay healthy and see you all soon.

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Port of South Louisiana Jet Blast

All Members:

Please register for the our next big Jet Blast at the Port of South Louisiana Airport (KAPS) hosted by Sonny Schilleci before April7,2020 for your discounted room rate of  $87.00 per night.

See hotel link below or on our website under events

Hotel Reservations CJAA

This will be our best Southern Jet Blast with home cooked Cajun Meals, Live Entertainment and much more.  You don't want to miss this event full of Cajun and Southern Hospitality!

Hosted by : Sonny Schilleci - Auric Avionics  


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Fairhope AL Jet Blast Dropbox

Please use this link to upload video,pictures from Fairhope AL event only.

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CJAA Creed

Classic Jet owners, operators, suppliers, instructors, and maintenance personnel from around the world make up the Classic Jet Aircraft Association. Together we devote our time, effort, and resources to preserve the world’s classic jet aviation heritage. The membership base of the CJAA is our greatest asset. Coming from military and civilian backgrounds, we all share a common desire to preserve our freedom to fly Classic Jets.

Over the past 25 years, CJAA Board Members and volunteers have worked with the FAA on proposed regulations to promote safety, without overly restricting, the operation of Classic Jets. We must continue our efforts to ensure we protect the freedom of all Classic Jet operators.

Recently, CJAA Board Members and volunteers:
Joined the working group to develop procedures for flights of experimental aircraft over stadiums and other gatherings
Worked to defend pilots caught up in issues of flight over densely populated areas
Investigated the future of ejection seat training programs
Working with the FAA requires constant vigilance and behind-the-scenes activity. Due to our small size, we have partnered with organizations such as EAA, WOA, AOPA, and others to gather the necessary support to represent ourselves effectively. Ultimately, it is the CJAA that brings the required focus and expertise to deal with the special needs and perceptions of Classic Jet Aircraft

In addition to our regulatory activities, the CJAA does many other things to promote and protect Classic Jet Operations:
Jet Blasts are gatherings of Classic Jet operators and enthusiasts focused on:
Aircraft Specific Training and Checkout
General Safety Training
Formation Flight Training
Proficiency Checks
Aerobatic Training
Building Fellowship
FAST clinics teach and practice basic formation skills to promote safe formation flying for the display of Classic Jets
CJAA gatherings at events such as Oshkosh and Sun ’N Fun are valuable support for Classic Jet operators and the unique challenges they face
Annual Conventions are important gatherings of Classic Jet Operators to:
Review and discuss the key issues facing the association and all jet operators
Conduct reviews of accident data and new strategies to improve safety
CJAA website is a resource for information on Classic Jet operations
Safety Information and Publications
Model Manager Program
CJAA Forum provides an opportunity for everyone to share and learn.
Maintenance Information and Support
Airshow Pilots List

Fundamentally, our mission is to promote and facilitate well-maintained aircraft flown by well-trained pilots.

For less than it costs to taxi to the runway, you can help CJAA make a difference. Whether you own, fly, maintain, photograph or just dream about Classic Jets, please join the CJAA and help us preserve our unique opportunity to operate these fine aircraft.

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Alex Kowtun - Video Production of your Jet

CJAA member, Alex Kowtun was recently invited to fly with the Air Force Thunderbirds on a VIP Media Incentive Ride. He was able to brief with the team to hold a handheld GoPro to create the most unique incentive ride cockpit footage possible. This video is being used by the Thunderbirds and was shared on Alex’s large aviation social media platforms.

Want unique custom video with your jet? Alex is available at CJAA Jet Blast events and for custom one off arrangements anywhere in the world.

For more details, he can be reached at [email protected] or 716-984-6909

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