Take (2) Schuylkill County Airport-Pottsville, PA - Jet Blast (2) - hosted by CJAA n Larry Lunch Labriola 

Please see the preliminary schedule for this event. There will be more details added within the week with suggested hotels and rental car information. 
So that plans can be made accordingly, register by July 31st.  Registration costs will increase midnight July 31st.  Pricing is per person.
Current Registration Fee through 2400 EST July 31 st - $275.00 per person
After july 31st  - $ 375.00 per person
If this event is canceled due to weather, there will be REFUNDS issued.



2020 Schuylkill County Airport-Pottsville, PA - Jet Blast - hosted by CJAA and Larry Lunch Labriola



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Founding Member Kay Eckardt Passing

Dear Member, 


It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the passing of one of our CJAA founders Kay Eckardt.

Kay passed away on Thursday, June 11,2020. 


He was the first president after our group parted from EAA back in 1995 and was instrumental to the CJAA’s success today.  He never stop spreading his passion on fighter jets to everyone he encountered. Kay will be dearly missed. Please keep Kay’s family in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time. 


Kay was a dear friend; a good teacher; and a great mentor for many of us. Below are a collection of pictures and journal provided by some of our members in memory of such passionate, faithful, and kind man. 




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CJAA - Statue of Liberty / Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum Jet Blast


CJAA - Statue of Liberty / Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum Jet Blast

2020 New Jersey/ Naval Air Station Museum KMJX – Ocean County Airport, Ocean County NJ

The Statue of Liberty weekend is on Sep 4 thru Sept 7, 2020 is an exclusive event for Classic Jet Warbird members only.



  • Four and six ship formation flights and instruction plus check outs
  • Formation photos missions
  • 61.58 rides thoughout the event - Call Zach 619-227-3327
  • Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum
  • Flybys at Wildwood Beach/ NAS/ Lighthouse 
  • Crowd meet n greet at Naval Museum


Once again we have been invited to the Cape May Airfest at NAS Wildwood Saturday and Sunday.

We will be doing formation flying over the airport and along the jersey shore, North Wildwood Beaches and Cape May Lighthouse and returning to the Naval Museum.



(Car Rental) please contact Hertz at 732-286-0245 or emial ([email protected])  prior to event so they can stage a rent a car for you at:

(KMJX Ocean County Airport.)


FBO  Ocean Aire – Donna 732-797-1077


This event is open to all members and there families. Price is per person and will be alterntaing the formation flybys each day.

If your not a current wing or lead you must have instructor in back seat speak with Alex or Zach.


If you require smoke oil please let Alex know ahead of time so you can ship drum to hangar or we can order it for you.



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Professional Video and Photo Services

Professional Video and Photo Services:


CJAA member, Alex Kowtun will be attending upcoming jet blasts.  While there, he will offer professional aviation video production services.  If you are interested in specialized video, book Alex ahead of time.  He will travel with his video producer and create the final video product within 12 hours of filming.  Videos can include custom messaging, products, interviews, air to air flight, formation, or any other desired theme.  2 minute professional video starting at just $1,750.  Alex also owns the largest aviation social media platform, Aviation Daily, Instagram.  The accounts gets 3,000,000+ impressions per week and you have the option of sharing your video there.  Contact Alex at 716-984-6909 or [email protected].  A few sample videos are below:



Thunderbirds Flight:




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Member Email List and Contact Info



Over the past couple months several of our members and other organizations have tried to get a complete copy of our members contact information. Their intent was not to benefit our membership through generous cash offerings but to exploit it for their own business interests.


The CJAA does not share our members e-mail contacts and or phone numbers! This is for obvious reasons. 


If anyone would desire to advertise their company to the membership feel free to contact Alex and place an add on our website or sponsor an event. 


If you would like to contact a member directly or simply need some help with an aircraft specific problem let the board know and we will point you to the right person.


I value each of our members personnel information and will not share that to any individual corporation or entity wishing to utilize it for their own personal gain.


Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss further.


CJAA President

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CJAA- Schuylkill County Airport PA - Jet Blast (KZER)


This event is being co-hosted  with Larry lunch Labriola

This will be a formation clinic and we also will have a cat1 aerobatic box.


Details are under events sections

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Oshkosh is Cancelled !!!!

AirVenture 2020 Update
View this email online

We Don’t Gamble, We Need A Sure Thing
AirVenture 2020 is officially canceled

My fellow EAA’rs. It is May here in Wisconsin, and unfortunately like many of you across the country, we are still under a stay at home order through May 26. Normally, this is the month when we start our preflight planning for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. By this time, we should have begun ramping up our entire site in preparation for our July convention. Volunteers from across the country and world would have descended on Oshkosh. Together they would have formed work parties, our suppliers would begin start setting up tents and infrastructure. Our EAA staff would be printing wrist bands, campers guides, programs and an assortment of EAA collateral as full-on AirVenture execution begins.

But because of circumstances beyond our control, none of this can happen now. We cannot even get to the hangar so our preflight is left to watching the prog charts. While this certainly makes the ability to prepare for the event a scheduling problem, it does not preclude the bigger issue of predicting what will be the health guidelines in July. Right now, there are three phases that have been defined in Wisconsin as the recommended procedures. As I write this, we are not in Phase 1 yet. Phase 2 restricts gatherings to 50 people. Phase 3 allows for mass gathering with restrictions.

Our convention attracts EAA members not only from the U.S. but around the world. Today we cannot predict when we will be at a point that our event meets the all clear Phase 3 milestone for mass gathering with restrictions. As your leader, I see no clear path to meet our own requirements to insure the health and safety expectations our organization demands for our employees, members, volunteers, exhibitors and attendees. That includes sanitization, separation and personal protection requirements.

My conclusion is, like in any good flight planning, don’t take the risk. Therefore, I have no choice but to cancel AirVenture 2020. Together, we can come back stronger, safer and ready for AirVenture 2021 and create a memorable world class aviation event. Because of our dedicated and enthusiastic EAA members, our Association is strong. We know that at some point this storm will pass. And over the next 12 months we will continue to support all of you as we again, together, grow EAA in the Spirit of Aviation.


Jack J. Pelton
Experimental Aircraft Association
CEO and Chairman of the Board


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Experimental Aircraft Association: EAA Aviation Center 3000 Poberezny Road Oshkosh, WI 54902
[email protected] :: 800-236-4800 :: 920-426-4800
Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

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Formation Clinics and Jet Blast

If your interested in hosting a Formation clinic or Jet Blast at your airport, please reach to Alex Brancaccio at [email protected]

We are looking to hopefully finish out the year Starting July 2020 with as many events we can have.

We all been sitting to long and all want to get back  up there flying these amazing Jets we own.



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PRS Reno is Re-Scheduled date TBD



PRS is officially postponed until September. By request by CEO Fred Telling, RARA wants control of the release of this information. RARA does not want this information posted on any social media or people outside of the classes until they make the official announcement . Please respect their request so as not to jeopardize your racing at Reno. RARAs reasons are mainly due to sponsorship agreements and they need to be in control of the information.

I appreciate your cooperation and know you will keep quiet for now. Thanks!


I’ll keep this short and short jokes....


PRS will be in September .. dates will be announced soon.

PRS application deadline will be changed. No official word but looks to be at the end of June. I will confirm it when the date becomes official.


There are issues to having PRS so close to NCAR. In the past, PRS was just prior to NCAR and it worked well. With the addition of a formation clinic for those who desire to participate and rookies, it is a long event. That is the discussion we are currently having with RARA and in the Jet Class. We can go thru the pros and cons but they are individual as we all can see good and bad with the change.


Please let the class officials deal with the details but do not hesitate to contact Rick or myself with concerns and issues you might have as we might be able to help you sort out.


RARA has a preliminary plan to have PRS 9-12 Sept with 13-20 for a standard NCAR week. We are pushing for a day shorter NCAR week and are working with RARA. The issue at hand is coordinating formation clinics prior to PRS which is were the long event gets longer. The issue is being discussed and we will have an answer in a few days.


More information will be relayed as soon as we get it.


Stay healthy my friends...

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Ejection Seats Article

Hello fellow CJAA’ers;


I came upon an article this morning and it gave me a good chuckle. Aside from all the French military jokes that come to mind the truth is that there are lessons here for us as well. We love to give others the flying  opportunities that we hold dear. It’s easy to get in a hurry and not brief the passenger on the little things that can make the difference in a great flight or a real mess.  As you will read here even professional fighter pilots can make mistakes.





Check out this site



Bill “Popeye” Culberson

Board of Directors; CJAA

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