L-29 Info Sought

I am interested in learning more about the L-29 from an operations, transition and maintenance standpoint. Could anyone make a recommendation for a member with L-29 experience I could speak with and/or meet. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Steve

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Provost Jet

Just purchased a 1974 MK5A Provost Jet. Leaving Tuesday o finalize the deal. HOping to meet some other owners that I can discuss ownership with. This is my first military aircraft and my baptism into warbirds. I currently fly a C414 and have never flown a jet. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Training suggestions, tips, etc.

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AI 25 TL

L39 Engine for sale 1000 TBO with only 82 hours on it, currently flying in NY contact me for details. cell 201 481 0010

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