Aero Vodochody re-engining L-39 with Williams FJ-44-4M engine (video link)

A 4-minute video from Aero Vodochody talking about their project to convert existing L-39C's into L-39CWs by replacing the engine and associated avionics with a Williams FJ-44-4M engine. Summary: * Aero has been working on the project since 2014. * They will offer engine and avionics conversion from 2018 * It will be the same engine that the L-39NG will have * The FJ-44-4M engine is 50 years newer than the AI-25TL * The aircraft will weigh 200kg less with the new engine * The first flight with the new engine was in September 2015 * Williams had to modify the engine to sustain aerobatic maneuvers * They say they qualification testing will be completed by the end of 2017. I wonder what it will cost. Video:

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Need F-86 Sabre cockpits parts

Am in need of cockpit parts for a static restoration of a Canadian Sabre. Cockpit parts from others models would also suffice

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