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  1. Thomas A. Samuelson

    Dec. 13, 2017

    I would also be interested in a nose tire inner tube, has anyone shown interest in the production run Kay Eckardt had ask about

    1. Mark Peterson

      Dec. 13, 2017

      I have not heard about any production run for T-33 tubes. You might give Kay a call and check in with him.

  2. Mark Peterson

    Jun. 7, 2017

    Task Aerospace is helping T-33 users obtain CAD/PAD items to make and keep ejection seats live. Task has an agreement with Nammo Talley, to produce the Catapult P/N 2400-25-1. This part needs to be reformulated and we are putting together an order with as many operators as possible to help bring the cost down. In order to consolidate the quantities and place one order with them. Contact Dan Shumway at Task Aerospace: Phone: 801-444-9761 E-mail:

    1. Christopher Meyer

      Jul. 18, 2017

      Yes, very interested!

  3. James Reynolds

    Mar. 9, 2017

    Has anyone found a source for the nose tire tube? Or a tubeless tire that fits the wheel? I have a CT-133 AUP that will need a replacement eventually. Thanks for any leads!

    1. Kay Eckardt

      Mar. 27, 2017

      Unless we get together and do a production run, there will, most likely, not be any inner tubes to be had. Also, I do not trust tubeless. I do not see you in the directory. You may want to call me at 801-581-1332