Are the old forum threads available?

I just noticed the new forum software. Is there a way to access the old forum discussions? There's years of great information there, I hope it isn't gone. Thanks

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  1. Daryl Dressler

    Apr. 4, 2017

    Looks to me that the site was overhauled beyond repair-- old photos GONE, old forum GONE. What a screw-up. Not much reason for me to be as member any mlonger!!!!!!!!

  2. F. David Prentice MD

    Mar. 6, 2017

    On another aircraft forum, a "library" was established that allowed large documents to be stored and available for download as PDF files. Could the old posts be converted to such a file format and stored thereby preserving them for future reference? Long before I bought my L39 I read EVERY posting under the L39 forum. Without that wealth of information, much of it from folks unfortunately no longer available to us, I probably would not have made the move. Just a thought.

    1. Chris Lamprecht

      Mar. 6, 2017

      Same here, I read every single posting, and it greatly affected my decision to buy an L-39. Before the site went offline, I crawled the entire forum, preserving all the messages. If I had known the forum here was going away, I would have done the same. If we can get access to the old postings here, I can put together a small web site to make all these postings searchable, so we can continue to access the discussions from the old forums. -Chris

  3. Mark Peterson

    Feb. 13, 2017

    Chris, Unfortunately, we were not able to move the old CJAA Forum to the new website. It is preserved for now, but we are not able to get it on this site.

    1. Chris Lamprecht

      Feb. 13, 2017

      Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the preserved message forum, whatever format it is in? thanks