Rome Jet Blast

June 21, 2018 1:00 PM EDT to June 24, 2018 5:00 PM EDT

Griffiss International Airport
660 Hangar Rd
Rome, NY 13441
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2018  Rome, NY     Jet Blast - Air Show – Fly-in

The CJAA Northeast Regional Jet Blast at Rome, New York  KRME on June 21 June – June 24, 2018 is an exclusive, CJAA members only formation training event for Classic Jet Warbirds, an Airshow demonstration on Sunday afternoon and a Warbird Fly-in.

Plan a trip to Rome, NY for a weekend of flying, training and fun while you sharpen your skills for Sheboygan and Oshkosh.

  • Single ship, two and four ship formation flights and instruction and check outs
  • Formation photos missions
  • Aerobatic training & outs with Ace Dan McCue starting on June 19 – Call Dan.
  • 61.58 rides starting on June 19 throughout event - Call Zach
  • Tour the Drone Test center on the airfield
  • Aerial demonstration for our group by our group in Waivered airspace


Formation Training - The Jet Blast is an excellent training environment for FAST - Formation And Safety Team. We will have a safety officer, briefs, designated airspace, frequencies and a flight schedule to provide the environment for you to receive the best formation training offered in the Northeast.

There will be lead, instructor pilots, and back-seaters with military backgrounds at the event who will be ready to fly and to help sharpen your skills as a formation pilot. We will have check pilots at the event if you are ready for a FAST check ride. Likely there will be a professional photographer to fill an empty back seat to help record the event.

Whether you are new to formation flying, breaking off the rust to renew your certifications, or just here to join your fellow aviators in formation flight…we focus on safety and proficiency starting off with briefs and followed up by a debrief.

Aerobatic Training – Dan McCue will be arriving early on June 19 to provide aerobatic training and SAC check outs. The application for the aerobatic box is in process and we are looking forward to adding this program to our event.

Mentorship - Are you new to the Jet Warbird community and looking to learn more about the people, the planes, and get to know others who enjoy aviation the way you do? The CJAA Jet Blast is the best place to meet like-minded pilots and become part of our fraternity. We are eager to share the excitement of formation flying and welcome new CJAA members to our community.

Sign up EarlyOnce we know how many people and jets are attending the event, planning and arranging the details will be easy and we will have the most buying power. Please sign up Early and make your reservations. We have evening meals, activities and plenty of hanger time to catch up with old friends. The event is all inclusive and most meals are included in the event fee.

Event Fees      Pilot  $160  -   Guy in Back $130      Fuel Price: ‘Crazy Larry Discount’

HotelHampton Inn 1352 Floyd Avenue, Rome NY 13441 315-709-0000 Hotel management is working on a CJAA event rate of $139. Have them put “CJAA” in the event slot so they can provide us our rate at a later time. The normal rate is $159.

Rental Car (with Million Air 315-736-9404)
  • Avis on the field
  • Hertz 20 minutes out w/drop-off service to FBO
FBO - Million Air  (KRME)  Hours of operation: Daily 0600-2200   315-736-9404 122.95

          660 Hanger Road  Rome, NY 13441


Tuesday thru Thursday
1000-1700 Aerobatic Training event with Dan McCue
   ACE ground school - Contact Dan (603) 973-6058
   61.58 rides Contact - Zach 619-227-3327

1900-2030 Lunch and dinner CPJS Restaurant and Pub 1321 Floyd Ave

Thursday – Jet Blast Arrival Day
1300-1800  Arrivals -Single ship and 61.58 training flights
1400-1600  Ground School – Video event
1800           Check in closes

1900-2030  No-host reception and dinner CPJS Restaurant and Pub 1321 Floyd Ave

FRIDAY – Day One
0700-0800 Breakfast and 7:30 Safety Brief at hotel -
0815-0845 Flight Brief at Hanger 100
0900-1200 Flying
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1700 Flying
1700-1850 Photo flights
1930-2100 Dinner and banquet at the Hanger


0700-0800 Breakfast and 7:30 Safety Brief at hotel -
0815-0845 Flight Brief at Hanger 100
0900-1200 Flying
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1700 Flying
1700-1850 Photo flights
1930-2100 Dinner and banquet the Beeches 7900 Turin Rd # 26N Rome, NY


SUNDAY – Air Show Day
0600-0630 Daily Safety Brief
0630-0800 Photo Mission – Group Photo
0800-1100 Fly-In Breakfast Neighborhood Warbirds - Brief for 11 am flight
1100-1300 Airport closes to arrivals at 11 am – CJAA Formation Flying
1300-1400 Lunch - Airport open for prearranged local arrivals and departures
1400-1530 Airshow

1600          Airport opens - Departures


$160.00 Pilots

$130.00 GIB - Guy in Back or Guest

$160.00 Pilot - Guest

$130.00 GIB - Buy in Back or Guest