2019 Presidential Fly In and Convention

February 27, 2019 12:00 AM EST to March 03, 2019 4:00 PM EST

2019 Presidential Fly In and Convention

Fairhope, AL

2019 Presidential Fly In and Convention


Members of CJAA and supporting staff:  


Please accept my personal invitation to attend the CJAA’s President’s Annual Invitation only Fly In.


Please mark on your calendar February 27th to March 3rd on your calendar.


This event will be in two parts:


1.     Fly-in

2.     CJAA Convention


Fly-in will begin on the morning of Thursday the 28th of Feb 2019. Flying will commence from KCQF Fairhope “Sunny Callahan” airport. We will fly all day Thursday and Friday.  Saturday will be our annual convention and Sunday will be our large formation event (see photo below).




Feb 27th             1200-1700 arrive at CQF for fly-in attendees

                              1700-1900 Bar-B-Que at the President’s house (Bring good scotch)

Feb 28th             0700-0800 In-brief and breakfast at Julwin’s, downtown Fairhope

                              0900-1800 Formation training and flying

                              1900-2200 Dinner (Gambino’s)

Mar 1st               0700-0800 Breakfast at Julwin’s

                              0800-1800 Formation training and flying

                              1900-2200 Dinner (Fairhope Inn)

Mar 2nd              0800-0900 Breakfast at Julwin’s

                              1030-1600      NAS Pensacola Naval Flight Museum

                                                            T-6 and T-45 Simulators (not confirmed)

                                                            Tour of Blue Angels Facility

                                                            T-6 Squadron Tour

                                                            T-45 Squadron Tour

                              1630-1900 Annual Members meeting

Mar 3rd              0700-0800 Breakfast Julwin’s

                              0900-1200 Grand finale formation event

                              1200-1800 departures for flyers


Spouses are encouraged to attend! Fairhope is a great town to visit and during this weekend the town will be hosting the mini-Mardi Gras festivities.

I strongly recommend the Grand Hotel (5 star Marriot hotel) if you are bringing a spouse.

1 Grand Blvd, Point Clear, AL  251-928-9201  


Here are some other options:


A. Hampton Inn Fairhope (this is in parade route) Hotel has no cancellations policy because of popular location that weekend 

23 North Section Street, Fairhope, AL  251-928-0957   


B. Holiday Inn Express Fairhope-Point Clear

19751 S Greeno Rd, Fairhope, AL  251-928-0956 


C. Key West Inn Fairhope (basic, no frills)

231 Greeno Rd S, Fairhope, AL   251-990-7373


D.  Vacation Rental by Owner or Airbnb (stay within Fairhope for distance purposes)


E.  Cottages of Fairhope  (studios and one bedrooms available)


F.  Fairhope Inn (Bed and Breakfast)

63 South Church Street   251-928-6226


G.  Emma’s Bay House (Bed and Breakfast)

201 Mobile Street, Fairhope, AL  251-990-0187


If these hotels do not fit your needs or requirements, there are plenty of hotels just to the north in Daphne or Spanish Fort.


Book your rooms early! I cannot stress this enough. We expect 20+ jets to attend.


Here is one of the best photos from last year.  This is the jet event of the year! Do not miss it!





I am flying in and this is what I would like to do: 


1.     What type of aircraft

a.      Warbird Jet

                                                    i.     L-29

                                                  ii.     L-39

                                                iii.     Mig-15

                                                 iv.     Mig-17

                                                  v.     Provost

b.     Warbird Piston

                                                    i.     Yak

                                                  ii.     CJ-6

c.      Private Jet

                                                    i.     Name the type of plane

                                                  ii.     Would you like to participate in Formation practice

d.     Private airplane

                                                    i.     Name the type of plane

e.      Not able to bring my plane this time

2.     My qualifications

a.      Formation Check airman

b.     FAA Examiner

c.      Lead Card

d.     Wing Card

e.      Formation instructor

f.       Formation Student

3.     What I would like to accomplish

a.      Formation Wing Card

b.     Type Specific training

c.      Complete my 61.58

d.     Earn a Formation Lead card

e.      Formation Wing and lead practice

f.       Provide Formation Instruction

g.      Provide type specific training

h.     Hang out and observe/volunteer for the event




$100.00 Member

$80.00 Crew Ticket