FAST Overview

Safe Formation Flight is a Discipline and an Attitude

The CJAA Formation and Safety Team (FAST) Mission is to be the sole authorized provider of formation training and certification for members of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association. Such activities will be in accordance with the National FAST protocol and CJAA. CJAA representatives will also serve as the liaison and signatory representatives to the National FAST Board.

FAST Pilots

FAST Overview

The Formation and Safety Team (FAST) is a worldwide, educational organization dedicated to teaching safe formation flying in restored, vintage military aircraft and civilian aircraft. CJAA is proud to be among the signatory organizations whose mission is to support education in the restoration, maintenance and flight of their members' aircraft.

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"The Formation And Safety Team (F.A.S.T) National Standard Program was a product of perceived need within the warbird community to standardize and increase the safety of formation flying."

Tom "Mongo: Proctor 2021 CJAA FAST Representative