About Us


The Classic Jet Aircraft Association (CJAA) is a federally chartered, tax exempt 501(c)7 organization with headquarters in Maryland. CJAA is organized into a nine-member board supported by experts in finance, safety and administrative functions.


CJAA can be contacted at:  ([email protected])



CJAA is not directly associated with other flying organizations, but we do maintain contact and coordinate some activities, primarily with the EAA and AOPA.

Many of our members have multiple memberships combining their CJAA membership with AOPA, EAA, ICAS and many other organizations.


CJAA is a non-profit organization and relies on member funding. Administrative, logistical, and lobbying activities that provide member benefits consume time and money, and for that CJAA requests nominal annual dues. CJAA has two levels of membership:

  • Membership (FAST) - Member is entitled to all CJAA benefits. This benefit level includes an annual FAST card.

  • Membership - Member is entitled to all CJAA benefits but does not include a FAST card.


Our membership is our greatest asset. Coming from both military and civilian backgrounds, they all share a common desire to preserve our rights to fly Classic Jets.

Our members can be found on the field fiddling with their airplane, or in company board rooms, public schools, ATC facilities and directing traffic. 

But the best place to find our members is at the Convention or a Jet Blast, where they're only too willing to share and learn with each other.


Jet Journal Newsletter - Published six times a year, this multi-page electronic newsletter is our premier communication vehicle. Articles tend to focus on the storied history of Classic Jets and their integration into private ownership, as well as Classic Jet-specific safety and flight-related stories. The Jet Journal is published on the website and available only to members.

Afterburner - Our only email based communication is published every 3-4 weeks and includes the latest information of local and national CJAA activity, as well as regulatory information relevant to the Classic Jet owner/operator. To receive Afterburner, you must register at the CJAA website.