Mission Statement

The mission of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association is to protect the right to fly classic jets with the least amount of regulation and restrictions commensurate with the safe operation of our aircraft.

In order to do this, CJAA will interact regularly with the appropriate government agencies at every level, as well as with other flying organizations and with the general public, to ensure that our voice is heard and that we are part of any process that might affect our ability to fly our aircraft.

CJAA will also demonstrate our commitment to the safe and professional operation of our aircraft by the continuous development of safety, training and maintenance programs and publications and disseminating the results of these programs to the membership of CJAA.

Recognizing the desire of our members to interact with one another on a regular basis, CJAA will also sponsor or participate in periodic meetings, fly-ins and air shows, where members can socialize with one another and with the general public in order to project a positive image of our organization and our members to these communities.