Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial 

The Classic Jet Aircraft Association has several airshow teams based throughout the country that are proud to perform flyovers for appropriate US veteran memorials as part of the CJAA charitable mission. 
These flyovers, the venerable Missing Man formations, have become a historic tradition in the military and, specifically, for veterans from the
various aviation corps. 
As US budget constraints have affected the military and led to sequestration, the military has reduced or eliminated its budget for these important flyovers. The CJAA, whose membership includes many former military aviators in its ranks, has taken on this vital role and has proudly stepped in numerous times to provide aircraft for memorials as well as special events.

The Missing Man Formation was originally a military aerial salute honoring a Veteran who has died, performed as an aircraft flyover at a memorial. There are variations but the most common is a 4-ship of aircraft with the Missing Man inside the flight, trailing smoke.

The Missing Man aircraft represents the Veteran who has passed away, symbolizing their departure from their squadron, their friends and their family. When that single plane pulls up with smoke and departs the flight,  it is always profound. It will bring tears to the toughest among us.  

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The CJAA raises funds to help support this important and honorable mission. 
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Alex Brancaccio / President

Classic Jet Aircraft Association