Classic Jet owners, operators, suppliers, instructors and maintenance personnel from around the world make up the Classic Jet Aircraft Association membership. Together we devote time and effort to preserve our tactical jet aviation heritage. You can help us keep classic jet aviation history alive by becoming a CJAA member.

2021 Membership Dues: $100.00 


Membership includes the following benefits:

  • Access to CJAA member-only sections of the website.

  • A CJAA patch for your flight suit.

  • Subscription to the timely and information "Afterburner" newsletter.

  • Government representation on issues critical to experimental jet operation.

  • Discounts on certain warbird-related services and products.

  • Access to a large network of knowledgeable, experienced aircraft owners.

  • Satisfaction of knowing you are directly supporting the preservation of aviation history for future generations.