Board of Directors - 2020

Alex Brancaccio

CJAA President 

Forked River, NJ 08731

Alex became an entrepreneur at an early age by starting his own transportation company, Northeast Transportation & Warehousing LLC. Because of his business acumen and strong attention to detail, he has built and maintained an exclusive clientele, consisting of Top 10 Forbes List companies.While pursuing his entrepreneurial ventures, he also taught children and adults how to ride horses, which demonstrates his care and concern for others. He then took excitement to a new level “NHRA” Drag Racing. Loving the need for speed and excitement by going 200 miles an hour in 7 seconds wasn’t enough. He found his true love and passion in aviation. He finished top of his class at flying school and completed training for experimental aerobatics flying in record time. NJ Warbirds was created from combining his love of aviation and his ability to successfully anticipate, meet, and often exceed the needs of his clients.  It was apparent from his first air show that both the exhibitors and spectators were virtually a captive audience waiting to be reached. Alex also has been a member of the CAF Commemorative Air Force for the northeast district, AOPA, EAA, IAC,NJWARBIRDS.

Today, Alex is excited to expand his horizons as the new Vice President of the CJAA Classic Jet Aircraft Association and owns and flys a BAC Jet Provost and has been flying for over 20 years in various aircraft. 

He resides in New Jersey and has two daughters.

EMAIL:[email protected]

Charles VandenBossche

CJAA Secretary

Niceville, FL 32578

Charlie “V+12” VandenBossche is a native of southeastern Michigan, born in Detroit and raised in Mt. Clemens, just north of Detroit.  Charlie was nominated for an Air Force scholarship upon high school graduation for engineering.  He packed his belongings and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida where he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He majored in aeronautical engineering and eventually became the cadet wing commander of his ROTC detachment.  While at Embry Riddle, Charlie fell in love with powered flight and quickly earned his private pilot’s license and the opportunity to swap his engineering scholarship for a pilot scholarship in his junior year of college.  Upon graduation, Charlie was awarded a coveted Air Force pilot training slot at Sheppard Air Force Base, TX as one of our nation’s US student pilots at the Euro Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) program.

During the ENJJPT program Charlie became proficient in flying the T-37 “Tweet” and the T-38 “Talon.”  He flew with instructors from over 13 different NATO countries.  Upon graduation, and after earning his silver wings, Charlie was selected to remain as an ENJJPT T-38 instructor pilot.  After only six months of instructing students, Charlie was then handpicked to be an instructor’s instructor, one of the few T-38 Pilot Instructor Training pilots.  Amassing over 1,500 hours of flight in the “white rocket” in just over three years with students and instructors from around the world, Charlie was awarded first choice of aircraft from his selection board.  There were no fighters available on the assignment board, so he selected the fastest and most challenging aircraft he could find, the mighty B-1 “Bone.”

Charlie traveled a few miles south for B-1 training at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas, where he earned recognition as outstanding graduate in his B-1 ground and flight-training course.  After that, he drove north to Wichita, Kansas, where he flew the B-1 as a new wingman and eventually led up to 85 different aircraft in multi-national training exercises in Cold Lake, Canada.

After over five years in the Washington DC area and 22 years in the military, Charlie retired and quickly earned a position on the F-35 Integration Test and Evaluation team at Naval Air Station, Patuxent River as a human systems engineer.  He was responsible for Joint Strike Fighter pilot interface on both the F-35B and F-35C.  Charlie completed his work on the F-35 and now flies Contract Close Air Support (CCAS) in three different aircraft (BAC-167 Strikemaster, IAR-823 Brazov, and L-90 Redigo) for a company called Blue Air Training. Charlie drops bombs, strafes targets and operates airborne sensors while training Joint Tactical Air Controllers. Charlie recently started flying for Sunshine Aero Industries in his free time where he flies Saberliner 40s for defense industry flight testing.  Charlie also flies with Nalls Aviation, Warrior Flight Team, CJAA, Red Star Pilots Association, and World Heritage Air Museum.  Charlie is currently flying BAC-167 Strikemasters, IAR-823 Brozovs, L-90 Redigos, L-39 “Albatross,” a YAK-52TW and Saberliner 40s.

Over his many years of flying, Charlie has amassed over 1,500 hours flying the T-38, over 1,500 flying the B-1, over 500 hours flying the F-16 and many more hours flying the DC-9, F-15, F-18, L-39, A-29, C-172, T-34, Piper Cub, BAC-167, TT-1, Saberliner and more.

Shane Phillips

CJAA Director

Gadsden, AL 35904


Received A&P license from Alabama Aviaition & Technical College in 1997.
Worked at ST Mobile Aerospace on DC-10 to MD-10 passenger to freighter conversion for Fedex.
Worked at International Jets as mechanic.
Went into the USAF after sept 11, 2001 as an F-15E crew chief. (4 years)
Worked at International Jets as director of maintenance.
Started my own business FMC-Fighter Maintenance Contracting) in 2013 performing maintenance and military contract support on L-39’s.

Jon Huggins

CJAA Director

Rocklin, CA 95765

After almost 29 years in single-pilot jets, Huggy retired from the USAF in 2014 with 7200 military flight hours, and 4100 military sorties… primarily in the U-2 (2500 hours) and T-38 (4000 hours).  He also assisted the Navy and Air Force Test Pilot Schools, and this resulted in the opportunity to fly a plethora of other military aircraft.


An avid General Aviation pilot, he has flown over 100 types of aircraft, and is FAA-rated in the L-39, F-5, T-38, T-33, and L-29,. He loves instructing in high-performance jets and maintains his CFI/MEI/CFII certificates.  His main aviation passion is formation flying. 

He learned about CJAA in the mid-90’s, attended his first CJAA Convention in 1997, and has thoroughly enjoyed the friendships and relationships he has made as a result of his involvement with CJAA.

His transition to flying as an airline pilot will allow him to devote more time to jet warbirds in general, and CJAA in particular.

Bill Culberson

CJAA Director

Mobile, AL 36604

Born the son of an Air Force fighter pilot Bill has been in love with Military Aviation as long as he can remember. After a brief stint in the United States Air Force He graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering. He put that to good use in the commercial aviation field where he worked for 24 years. The last 17 of those years he worked as a FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER); Approving designs and testing for FAA supplemental type certificates (STCs).  He retired from commercial aviation in 2016 to pursue his love of restoring and operating classic military airplanes. He is type rated in the L-29, MiG-15, MiG-17, T-33 and the B-17.

Steven Kirik

CJAA Director

Bettendorf, IA 52722

Steve is an Airline Transport Pilot with over 20,000 hours of flight time.  Steve is a former U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot and flew the F-15C Eagle, while stationed at Langley AFB, VA.  He has logged 1100 hours in the F-15C, which includes 240 hours of combat time flown during 43 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm. Steve has flown numerous combat support missions in Operations Desert Shield and Southern Watch.  He then went on to be an Instructor Pilot and Pilot Examiner in the T-38 Talon as part of Euro-NATO Pilot training program at Sheppard AFB, TX.  In 1996 he separated from the military and is currently employed by United Airlines and has flown the Boeing 737, 757, 767,747-400 as an International Qualified First Officer and is currently a Captain flying the B-737NG and Max.  He has flying experience in North America, Canada, Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, Lantin America, South America, Europe, South West Asia and Asia.

Steve is a Certified Flight Instructor with CFI/CFII/MEI ratings and Certified Ground Instructor with Advanced and Instrument ratings.  Steve holds a FAA Certified Mechanics Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings.  He enjoys training pilots in the L-39 and has over 1500 hours in the L-39.  He serves the FAA as a FAA Designated Specialty Pilot Examiner in the L-39, T-37, A-37, T-38, F-5, T-2, A-4, MB-339 and F-86 aircraft.  In 2010 Steve was selected and test flew the first two civilian owned Sukoi Su-27 Flankers in the US and is the first and only US FAA Pilot certified to fly the Su-27.

He is married with three daughters and resides in Bettendorf, Iowa. 


Thomas Proctor

CJAA  Fast Admin

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Tom got hooked on flying at a very early age when he got a ride in a Piper Comanche. Despite a busy career as the owner of an insurance and escrow outsourcing company he earned his private pilot certificate and instrument rating and flew a variety of aircraft for business and pleasure. He currently flies a Beechcraft King Air E-90. He has always been a warbird enthusiast and a few years ago flew an L-39. Six months later he was the proud owner of an N139PM an L-39C.

Today, Tom has been flying for over 25 years and is on the Executive Board of the World Heritage Air Museum whose mission is to rescue, restore and fly cold war era jets. He Holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate and is a CFII-MEI. He is rated in the AV L29, AV L39, DH112, DH115 and TT-1 Super Pinto, Mig 15-17.

Tom is also a Fast rated Lead Pilot

EMAIL: [email protected]

Zach McNeill

CJAA FAA liaison

Fairhope, AL 36532

Zach has been an active member in the CJAA. Besides running the 2005 convention, he has served on the board, as alternate, member and VP, attended several conventions, and actively participated in or planned the jet blast fly-ins all over the US.

Zach served as the safety officer for CJAA and he designed the Safety Triangle model, authored articles for the CJAA Jet Journal and is a volunteer Safety Counselor for the local FSDO, where he gives Warbird safety programs. On many occasions he has presented safety programs at the CJAA jet blasts and conventions.

Currently donates his time to CJAA members as a formation instructor and, as a formation Check Pilot he has given flight exams to many CJAA members. He has taught several ground schools at Mojave, Houma and Amarillo jet blasts. Zach co-authored the Standard Operating Procedures for the CJAA jet formation check outs, coordinating standards with other FAST signatories. He also works with the Red Star Pilots association and is retained as a jet formation check pilot for that organization as well.

Instructor – Under the old licensing program Zach held an LOOA presently he holds EAR’s in multiple surplus military Jet trainers. This combined with his National Association of Flight Instructors Master Flight Instructor designation he has trained 18 CJAA members in the proper use and procedures of the L-29, L-39, and T-28. Every student passed their flight and oral check rides with flying colors.
Key member in the development and acceptance of flight training curriculum for the L-29, L-39, A-37 jets and for both US (SK-70) and Russian military (MI-24 and MI-2) jet helicopters and the North American T-28. 

As a Naval Instructor pilot in the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter Zach fills a void in the Warbird community by having the ability to fly and instruct in all types of surplus military aircraft. Zach is the only qualified and current Group X multi-engine turbine helicopter instructor in the U.S.
Awards Received: Master Instructor designation from NAFI and Squadron Pilot of the Year from US Navy (HSL-47)

Instruction/Examination Experience: Zach has completed several hundred flight exams as an active duty Navy standardization officer and flight examiner. Qualified as an instrument, NATOPS, FCF and Night Vision Goggle flight examiner. Active formation check pilot for CJAA.

Zach participates in aviation events, air shows and instructs in the civilian aviation community, including glider instruction (more than 100 glider flights). Zach is rated by the FAA through the ICAS organization with a low-level aerobatic waiver and has flown in single ship and formation demonstrations in jets in many air shows.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Steve Picatti


Boise, ID 83714

Elena McNeill

CJAA Admin

Fairhope, AL